Saturday, September 24, 2011

inspiration - Trip to chiang rai

During the march holidays,  i went to chiang rai for CIP, there i met some children,of whom some were orphans. they left a deep impression on me. they were always thankful, always happy, always contented, always laughing and having fun despite not having much
5 of the children, part of their home in the background
2 of the youngest children
one of the children that i especially admire is the boy on the right of the second picture. during the time i was there, he was sick and his back hurt most of the time. due to his sickness, there were many things that he could not eat or do. however, despite the pain and discomfort, he would still come and play with us. also most of the time when i saw him around, he would always be smiling (:
his innocent, not complaining spirit is something that left a very deep impression on me and is one of the reasons why i choose CONTENTMENT as my coursework theme

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