Sunday, September 25, 2011

Inspiration - Dawn Tan

She is an Artist, illustrator, art teacher, knitter, food lover, quiet observer, day dreamer, adventurer and the author of and she lives in Melbourne and  is a singaporean!

i think that she is a really cool! she loves food, and food inspires her work. She also really likes craft and draws and paints really well.
for example here, here and here.

Another reason i think she is cool is cos she does art for a living and we all know that that isnt easy. for example she encountered some difficulties that made her mood bad however this is what she wrote:"

Now, those meanies can go ahead and bring me down in whatever way they want to, but they will never ever be able to take the happiness I get from working in a creative space along my joy of making art away. "

i think she is a really contented and positive person. she is happy just doing her art although it is really difficult. Her attitude really inspires me (:

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  1. ohhhh i love her too :D
    i love how she draws and paint so freely and yet the end product looks so nice and cute :D
    i like her idea of us being what we eat
    she loves food and i love food
    and she teaches people to paint too :D
    like adult watercolor classes and teaching kids to draw cupcakes umbrellas and ice creams :D i think aep should try to do something like that :D like approach children's home and bring joy to them through art :D