Monday, September 19, 2011


the 3 books that i made after the book binding workshop!

title blue book
media cloth,paper,thread size ~12cm x~17cm dated aug 2011

The 1st book i made, i used cardboard for the cover then wrapped it in blue cloth and sowed the edges (:
i think it is 40 pages

<-the edges sown to the cover

Stitches in the book

title untitled
media paper,thread size ~10cm x~13cm dated aug 2011

my 2nd book (:
cover is scrapbooking paper

i used old line paper for the pages to give a old feeling

title untitled
media paper,thread size ~11cm x~15cm dated aug 2011

my 3rd book!
i think it is ~50 pages

i tore the pages, instead of cutting it to give it a "rougher" look


  1. I have to say that you are really good at making things. :) It's cool that you have put some thought into the papers used for each book, for me, I could have just sticked to using plain old white A4 paper. I like the soldier one, it looks really pretty and I think you have really achieved the 'old' feeling. Perhaps you could try designing some covers as well, like maybe sew an image of something in the cover or draw something? I think it would be really interesting. And maybe you can add some of your hand-made stuffed toys or beaded stuff to the end of the ribbon bookmarks?

  2. hi eli!
    you're really good and handicrafts! thanks for the present (isit early christmas present?) that you gave me when we were painting walls! the one where you sew a pouch! im still using it! its really pretty and simple. i like your book bindings. they are simple yet functional. these would be excellent gifts! they are really pretty! i wish i could make stuff like that

    keep up the good work!