Friday, April 29, 2011

random stuff i made

i'm quite a hands-on person so i like making things, creating things more than drawing or painting. these are some random little objects that i made when i was bored.

title cupcakes
media beads
size large:~2cm x ~2cm, small:~1cm x 1cm
dated june 2011

i made the beaded cupcakes through stringing beads together.

i adapted the cupcake pattern from 2 beading patterns found from deviant art and on a beading website. so i made my first one, the small one in the middle. i thought beading cupcakes were quite fun so i experimented and made a bigger one(on the far left) then i adapted my beading design slightly to include a metal loop to hang it(like the one on the right)

Then,i went on to experiment with different coloured beads, making these:

title cupcakes
media beads
size ~1cm x 1cm
dated june 2011

i also like making things out of cloth, apart from pouches, i also make little stuffed objects like hearts, animals, things ,etc.
title untitiled
media cloth,stuffing,thread
size ~6cm - 7cm
dated june 2011
one example is the stuffed heart and stuffed star that i made during the December holidays last year.

the stuffed star was more difficult cos the edges were harder to stuff.

today in the newspaper, i came across someone who also makes things out of cloth. i think she quite cool and and very creative, using scrap cloth to make pretty, cute things (:
this is her website

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  1. Liz!

    I am always amazed about how cool you are when you manage to do all sorts of cool stuff like beading and stitching and book binding!

    You explored with so many colours and sizes and made each cupcake look so adorable and unique!

    I think you are pretty amazing for being able to learn how to make such tiny crafts on your own, adapting different methods and inspired by other's works! It looks really complicated!

    I still remember all the little gifts you handmade for me, like the beaded heart and the pink octopus. They are so adorable and personal and sincere :D

    I really think you could sell all these little crafts! I know I would buy them! There is hardly anyone that has the patience and time to sit down and work on them so diligently!

    I hope you are able to explore more hands on arts and crafts during the holidays!

    P.S. remember to make me a cupcake :D