Friday, April 22, 2011

other random drawings, paintings

title untitled
media oil  on canvas
size B5
dated  march 2010

this was my first time using oils. i think oils is a rather  interesting  medium,
it does no dry very fast, so you can take your time when blending.

title paper strips
media pencil on paper
size A4dated feb 2010

looking back, i feel that i have a few areas which i could improve on, 
firstly, i think i could have shaded most of the areas darker
secondly, i think i could have not used such a dark outline for some of the strips of paper

title cloth
media pencil on paper
size A4
dated feb, march 2010

i think i drew this well, the cloth really does look flowy.
 however, i think i could have increased the contrast of the dark areas and the lighter areas.

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