Sunday, January 30, 2011


media pinhole photography
size ~7cmx~20cm
dated 2010
these are the photos that i took for pin hole last year. i rather like the paranormal effect achieved when i used a loong piece of photo paper which covered like the whole interior of the can except the hole and when the sides of the photos where the image is like squashed into one point. it kinda gives the photos a fish-eye effect feeling which is quite cool (:

media pinhole photographhy
size ~7cmx~10cm
dated 2010

i also like how when we were taking photos and it rained. cos the quadrangle became like a mirror and reflected the school building, it gave a really cool effect. like the last row, last 2 photos

media pinhole photography
size ~7cmx~7cm
dated 2010
personally, i think a really interesting shot is the one in the third row, the third pic from the left.
can you guess what it is?

it is the bottom up view of a tree, with the leaves blocking the light resulting in the white patches (these are negatives so in normal b&w it would be black patches)

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